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RACING Nationals MADISON, WI, FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY C If you're good, really good, and want to compete with the top Americans, than try to peak for this race. Madison put on a killer race last year for spectators, so expect to be impressed. If you're looking for…the Super Bowl of 'cross, mark this race on your calendar. Yes, this is the best-of-the-best in American cycling. Just show up. 3 Worlds LOUISVILLE, KY, FEBURARY 2–3 If you're looking for…the top Cyclocross racers in the world, a killer course and lots of world championship rainbows, don't you dare miss this. Imagine this: You're really into road racing, and it's announced that the Tour de France will actually be held in the U.S. You'll beg, borrow and steal to make the journey, no? Worlds changes countries every year, so perhaps that's not the best comparison, but still. The fact that Cyclocross Worlds is in Kentucky this year means that the Euros and, specifically, the Belgians, know we Americans aren't messing around when it comes to 'cross. Tropical Cyclocross MIAMI, FL NOVEMBER 3–4 True to Florida style, this race is muy caliente. Instead of a beer handout, you may just get a mojito. If you don't like racing in the cold, or if Latino(a)s make you swoon, this race is for you. If you're looking for…a cyclocross race where you'll be sweating instead of freezing. Jingle Cross IOWA CITY, IA, NOVEMBER 16–18 If you're kind of into grinches and the Christmas spirit, then this is a great race to get you pumped. It's three days of awesome racing on a unique course that you may mistake for a sled course—it can get, shall we say, icy. If you're looking for…a long weekend of fun, a race that benefits a good cause (a hospital) and plenty of Christmas costumes. 'Cross Cup Race CHICAGO, IL, JANUARY 31 New Year's Resolution Chicago If you're looking for...a legendary heckling scene, late-night racing and a chance to make your New Year's resolution while perched on a bike. What's the best way to ring in the New Year? How else—on a bike. The atmosphere is super festive, and this is a great training race if Nats is on your calendar. Wilkesboro HCCX WILKESBORO, NC, NOVEMBER 10–11 Some of you may know of Wilkesboro from Merlefest, a multi-day bluegrass festival. What you may not know is that this picturesque town also boasts a rockin' 2-day cyclocross festival complete with extreme verticals and free beer. If you're looking for…a race where you could probably get away with wearing overalls, boots or flannel. SSCXWC LOS ANGELES, CA, NOVEMBER 31–DECEMBER 2 If you like singlespeeds, costumes and a tattoo trophy, then you should be all over SSCXWC. If you're a spectator, bring your vocal chords because the heckling is FIERCE. If you're looking for…rowdy crowds, UCI racing, smog, a chance to show off your naked body costume and the ability to race without worrying about a derailleur, then pencil this one in. CYCLOCROSS MAGAZINE – ISSUE 18 SAN FRANCICSO, CA...DATES? THAT'S FOR YOU TO FIGURE OUT. DFL The DFL series is what you might call a clandestine race. It involves drag costumes, top secrecy and tons of fun. If you're looking for…the chance to feel like a CIA agent—in a dress, on a cyclocross bike, in a race. ⌂ 35

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