6 Scenic Cycling Trails Around Singapore For People Who Hate Jogging

March 17, 2018 Emma stone

Learning to cycle at the age of 20 was a very latent decision on my part but I’m still glad I did it because now I have the get-out-of-jogging-free card. I no longer need to put on my most comfy pair of running shoes just to access the best places in Singapore to catch a sunset.

cycling at woodlands waterfront

From the heart of the city to the most ulu recesses of the Singaporean jungle, you can enjoy Singapore’s best sights - architecture and nature - within the small span of 719.1 square metres that is well-connected with various cycling trails.

We equipped ourselves with bicycles from FootLoops, bottles of water to keep hydrated, and a sense of direction to get through both the well-paved streets and uneven, gravelled tracks to enjoy these scenic cycling trails.

1. Bask in European feels @ Civic District

city centre cycling

The only sign that will tell you that you’re still in Singapore is the weather but other than that, the Civic District is where you will feel as though you’ve been transported halfway across the globe - to Europe.

cycling with the fullerton hotel in the background

Whizz through the streets, passing by colonial-styled buildings like the National Gallery, Victoria Concert Hall And Theatre, and Asian Civilisations Museum. These landmarks are juxtaposed against the background of towering buildings that make up modern Singapore’s iconic skyline.

cycling alongside the singapore river

Casual cyclists who have difficulty navigating roads flowing with traffic can head towards the zen riverside route to escape the hustle and bustle.

taking the mandatory shot at national gallery

If you’ve seen TSL’s Civic District Instawalk, the places we visited are not only pedestrian-friendly but also cyclist-friendly. Convenient parking spaces for bicycles are found around the must-visit places. So if you need a short potty break and bathe yourself with some cold air from the air-conditioning, you can just park outside and head right in.

2. Have a picnic at Singapore’s very own "Central Park" @ AMK-Bishan Park

stepping stones across the river at bishan amk park

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is the perfect balance of man-made installations and nature. This urban park is found in the heart of an estate surrounded by HDBs and condominiums, and is rich with a myriad of flora and fauna. It’s just like New York’s Central Park, but with a nice Singaporean touch to it.

alternatively you can use the bridges to get across

With wide cycling tracks, you can slowly enjoy the river coursing through the park, without having to worry about holding up human traffic. These tracks are also connected by bridges over the river and stopping by on any one of them will give you a breathtaking view of the entire park.

views of bishan amk park

take a break at the wooden platforms

After a long day of cycling in this scenic park, a picnic would be timely. For the best picnic spot, dismount from your bike and head to the wooden platforms overlooking the riverbank. We might not have a zoo like in Central Park, but if you’re lucky you might be able to spot some of the resident otters playing in the water.


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