Cobbs HIll Cross Race

October 8, 2012 david taylor
Raced at the Cobbs Hill Cyclocross in Rochester, NY. I chose the cat 4 as opposed to the the masters ( I'm 56 ). temp in the 40's and cloudy. The course had a large puddle, 50 yard single track in the woods with a slick 180 downhill turn, barriers, and a 45 degree run up followed by 50 yards of a 10% grade. My feet were quite chilled.
Actually passed people which is more fun then getting lapped which happens in the masters category, but 30 min is a little short so I'll go back to the 45 min masters races and take my lumps from the kids.
But I started in the back of the pack and found it's really hard to make up lost time on a tight course. Next time i will get to the front sooner and try not to blow up too much on the first lap. Had two people broadside me in turns ?? Like WTF get OFFA me! A quick forearm usually dispenses with them.
Fun as usual!
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