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Table of Linda Sone: Fighting Fire with Spitfire | Christopher Cross Linda Sone balances a challenging job as a firefighter with mixing it up at the front of Elite fields. At 40, she's just getting warmed up. ON THE COVER 26 Euro Invasion Euro Invasion | Josh Liberles and Christine Vardaros Unprecedented numbers of Euros are attacking a race near you. Get to know them now—the next time you see them, they' ll be a blaze of speed. Power Play: Breaking Down Braking Power | Charlie Slattery It may not look pretty, but CXM Labs has constructed an effective, ghetto contraption to give hard values to different brakes. Irrepressible Spirit: Niki Dallaire Bounces Back | Robert Annis From near-death experience to dominating the competitive OVCX series, Dallaire's is a tale of ultimate perseverance and 'cross love. Doing Your 'Cross Homework | Kenneth Lundgren Cyclocross gurus often preach arriving early to scout and pre-ride the course. But what's the best use of your time once you get there? 25 Things to Do on Race Day | CXM staff CXM's staff collaborates on a checklist to have you ready to rock. Newbie Nook: Mounts & Dismounts, Cross Referenced | Bart Bowen Bart Bowen brings us the dos, don'ts and hows of getting on and off. 68 76 90 Cyclocross Filmmakers in Our Lens | Anthony Vecchi, Lauren Haughey and Peter Sullivan The films of Smith, Kellner and Jurenka have chronicled American 'cross for over a decade. Meet the men behind the viewfinders. Foam Roller: Bad Boy of Body Care | Seth Hosmer Daily two-hour massages and assisted stretching, while you nap, are amazing. This routine keeps the other 99 percent of us rolling right along. The Benefits—and Pitfalls—of Heat Acclimation Training and Plasma Expansion | Chris Bagg It seems counter-intuitive, but we' ll show you how to use heat training to go faster in cold conditions. Green Mountain Double Century Photo Essay | Natalia Boltukhova "Two hundred miles" doesn't begin to describe this mostly-dirt test. Natalia Boltukhova captures the essence of grit, gravel and New England. Cheap Bike | Andrew Yee CXM Labs endeavors to assemble a super-inexpensive rig, with all new bits and pieces. Can a race-worthy bike be had for $600? Bike Geek Raleigh Carbon Hodala with Gates CenterTrack Traitor Crusade SS Cyclocross Goes Hydraulic Wheel Reviews: Cyclocross Hoops Get Fat Columns 'Cross Season Waits for Nobody | Christine Vardaros Cyclocross Comic | Lee Slone p 84 p 86 p 90 p 94 p 97 p 99 p 76 p 82 p 74 p 71 p 60 p 62 p 68 p 52 p 56 p 46 p 26 p 22 CYCLOCROSS MAGAZINE – ISSUE 14 11 Illustration by Frankie B. Washington

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